This is not a democracy

While verifying Easton votes last night I came across many where people refused to vote and instead expressed their anger and frustration towards the politics in Bristol and in the country as a whole on their voting cards. So many other people verifying theses votes including me at one point don’t understand what’s going on and it makes you angry to feel that you can do nothing about it.
The government have never bothered to teach any of us about politics whilst in school. Instead I was taught How to behave in an interview…or how to write a CV about 50 times……maybe they’re scared that we will ‘know too much’ and rise against them in different ways.

Knowledge is power!

It was upsetting to see that so many people felt helpless and ignored and powerless in their own homes and country.
This is not a democracy…….It is an elected dictatorship that are specialised in the fine art of deception and lies towards its own people.
There is no conspiracy. just a wall of lies and tactics to please the population in order to keep our mouths shut and eyes closed so that they can do as they please with our money, with our communities, our health…
If we all acknowledge this then maybe we can work together for once instead of just worrying about ourselves.


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