Bristol mayor elections

Who the hell am I supposed to vote for ??!!

looking at the recent debates over the Mayoral elections with all the possible candidates, Im dumbfounded as to how any of these people represent what the everyday person feels and wants.
An independent mayor is a brilliant idea but I don’t really think its easy to ensure and check the transparency and independence of any candidate. We barely scrape doing this with our own government?

On a lighter note…

George Ferguson and his red trousers make me laugh. his sweeping generalisations and slimy smile say it all. I reckon all of those lessons he probably got learning how to present and speak well whilst studying to become an architect have definitely done him good. I feel like I should believe him but still know that it’s all lies (it just all sounds so very nice).

Only time will tell when we see what the results are after voting. Only then will we be able to know the true motives behind our new Bristol Mayor.

I’ll be counting the votes


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