The Olympic legacy

The Olympics was yet another player in the Xeroxed phantasmagoria of advertising and consumerism. It was quite entertaining to pick up little snippets of the ongoing farce and watch clips of Boris getting stuck on zip wires and dance to the spice girls like the bumbling idiot he is. Absolutely hilarious right? My boyfriend made a very good observation pointing out that surely professionals who organised the ‘lets dangle Boris on a wire’ show would have checked the wire before hand……And also made an even better point saying that he loves to play the idiot…Which he does……Do something intelligent for a change Boris? Being in Nepal at the moment is leaving a bad taste in my mouth thinking about the money its soul sucking investors  have drummed up and the lack of  money being drummed up here? Dow chemicals surely should not be supporting the Olympics unless they plan to improve the world by handing out little packages of agent orange and napalm Nor should McDonald’s be supporting the Olympics when they stand as the mascot for obesity and ill-health around the world. I don’t see how any of the Olympic investors are appropriate at all.
It’s as if the London Olympic organisers wanted to put a big middle finger up to the world?????

Lets hope they all bow their heads in shame and mourning  when the Olympics legacy prevails  and a void of nothingness is left behind.


2 thoughts on “The Olympic legacy

  1. Although the point(s) you make are true, re: Nepal, we all know how money talks. Just as nature and beauty go together, so do man and greed. So as much as I agree with you, pointing it out is not only futile but just high-lights and reminds us how sad the human race is – depressing. Do I want to feel depressed ? As for Boris… He IS a bumbling imbecile, how else would he act ?! Have a great day x

    • very valid point there I was feeling quite sad this day on my looming return home from Nepal I had quite a big culture shock hearing about the absurd selfishness that seems to be ingrained. I felt like people needed to be reminded of how bad things really are, just to let people know, so they can make there own choices in the matter on what they think about it we all work very hard to distract ourselves from ‘real life’ leaving many unaware of even the most obvious of things…… but yes money does talk and man and greed are very old friends but as my blog highlights im an idealist in many ways and wish that money talked for the right reasons and can do. Nonetheless, money does still talk especially in the world we have all constructed for us all to co-exist in today…sorry to make you feel sad old chap, the sun is still shining over here keep on smiling! happiness, our lives and the world is what you make it.

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