“Guilty until proven innocent”

I’m only 20, five foot one and quite possibly far too much of an optimist for my own sorry self. I most certainly don’t know everything, or enough, and I’m not at the forefront of international political and peace development.
But there is one thing that I feel I should have been taught about and had duly acted upon along time ago.  Something that hasn’t been talked about openly enough at all.
when I was a couple of years younger, to me and other such fellow students and young adults, being informed about political and humanitarian injustice around the world is very important. We are the worlds’ greatest empathetic  philosophers and truth tellers …and… After all, we are the people who will be shaping the world you all live in when you’re grey and old. So…there are a few things we should really know about.

Palestine and its long struggle against humanitarian crimes, isolation and the rape of its freedom has only today been made really clear to me and I feel embarrassed and ashamed that it is only now that I have bothered to understand it properly…. Just like all wars and crimes, at my first ever read it was absolutely shocking and abhorrent.  It sickens me to have to question why almost everyone that has a far more influential voice than me  in the world stage is so quiet about it.

We have all become the lesser of two evils.

We may not be the perpetrators killing the children, creating the embargoes and imprisoning democratic and free political persons, but we are most certainly the ones watching it and turning a blind eye.
Amongst all the shit that there is in the world between murderers and rapists I feel just as guilty for these war crimes as everyone else should be, sitting on there arse,  right now in front of their computer.  Trying to lift the veil of spatial desensitization that makes you almost involuntarily delete the natural human reaction to empathise. The west is a machine and we all fall in line. Unless you fight your way out and demand the truth we are all doomed to create our own pitiful and pithy existence where we are indestructible and all those out side of our world are of insignificance and obsolete.

I am most certain and not naive to acknowledge that I am one of millions that have the same opinion and have said the same things . Right this second I imagine some poor person rolling their eyes and ceremoniously exuding the occasional ‘pfft!’ and guffaw that they probably do every morning at the TV when the BBC news comes on…’ Yet another state has been embroiled in civil unrest, genocide, war crimes, terrorism…. yadda yadda yadda……’.
But to be honest, the more people who find it within themselves to not feel scared, to speak out openly and  to ask questions about the things were unsure about, angry and scared of, the more we can fight as a whole human race against evils through self-education and the power of knowledge and ideas.
Yes, It sounds very rose-tinted and fluffy but it’s quite simply true.
The world is evolving into one where things are getting smaller and information easier to pass on and contain , with technology and our whole existence rapidly moving forward we can only go two ways:

  1. Become blind and blissfully ignorant useless spoon fed humanoids that have as much empathetic and get up and do something capacity as a plastic ladle
  2.  Become the creators or something that could be far more useful to us than and government (or elected dictatorship) could ever ‘pretend’ to accomplish.

Almost all governments are already shitting their haughty pants at the thought of a free thinking and fast-moving internet space of freedom of expression that they can not fully control. It horrifies them at how clever their citizens actually are and I cant help but chuckle at the thought that this is our ‘one up’ on them…

So anyway, you and I are all guilty until proven. Until we bother to stand up for what we believe in, because we all do have a common grounding here. Quite simply to be happy, equal and respected as a human being.
I am for one, just one amongst a million still cycling through all the dirt out there, all the shoddy promises and treaties and politicians and learning about what I can actually do to help the world…No matter how small and pathetic the motion maybe…..At least I’m doing something…and I hope you will too.

Boycott Israel and free Palestine!… Join the Palestine solidarity campaign and at least take 5 minutes to just read something or listen to someone and find out and understand what is happening out there and around the world.



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