Absolutely seething at the thought of David Cameron smearing his greasy mitts all over my life expectancy and general health……Mrs Thatcher has been long gone now and I think we can all agree that her heavy handedness became barbaric and heartless….what makes you think that it’s going to fully work this time?
Yes, someone needs to now take the reigns and home in any loose ends to sort out our economy and businesses but privatising roads and the one thing that I was proud of in this country, our NHS?! I would have thought that would be the last thing you’d even dare to defecate all over you poncey twat!
The NHS has helped me and my family in ways that basically saved my life. If I was left with schizophrenic parents and an autistic brother to sort out myself, I can guarantee you I would not be here today.  What a backwards logic Mr.Cameron I commend you on your stupidity and sheer disregard for your own country’s citizens wishes.
There are plenty of other things that would be much safer but probably too boring for Cameron to shake up and rape.
so… here is a video on  the periodical rape of the NHS exlpained clearly for the 90% of us citizens that didn’t have it explained to us properly…..Why so shy cameron?


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