What do I care?


Were all secretly unhappy but we’ll carry on smiling just to keep up appearances with the Joneses next door. Image has become very important within society.

An all consuming horrible elephant in the room with the latest in season shoes on, goading all that will listen, to buy things and look at things and read things that we don’t actually want to or need to know. It’s very easy to melt into the background in a society where the background is already bland with a hint of colourful deception.
A Few moments of reflection can let on more than is comfortable for the impressionable young discerning citizen of Britain.
I grew up in London with schizophrenic parents and a severely autistic brother. Everyday I had to pinch myself and question as to whether the life I was leading was my own; whether I was in a real tangible world or just some loony’s construct. I quickly understood from an extremely young age the way things worked in terms of advertising and mental manipulation within the industry and just among people in general. I had to understand it. If I didn’t, I felt I wouldn’t have a grasp on what is real and what is fiction. Being constantly reminded what another person thinks they believe and what they want you to believe everyday is confusing. Almost like living in a cult where everything is fabricated and all words are primed for substantial brainwashing. This is what I experienced living in a world of mental illness but, the older I get the more I’m experiencing the same thing in the normal world that were all supposed to be safely and happily living in.

So, what do I care if there are wars happening, people dying and the economy failing….I really don’t feel I can believe anything I’m told any more and need to find out the truth for myself. Every bit of information thrown at me by media and government has the sneer of a well practised salesman about to secure his next victim in his dodgy product placement….They may have told you the truth but not the whole truth.
I say this because I was duly reminded the other day that when MPs and officials are questioned in front of press they are usually notified of what questions will be asked, who’s asking them and get to choose which questions to answer……Now, what the fuck is that all bout? Watching debates on TV or just a few minutes in the house of commons you begin to wonder … just how much of this has been scripted and who the hell am I supposed to believe?

I want to live in a democratic country where freedom of speech and other such heavenly gifts are upheld instead of them being backwardly given to us as rights, as if it’s some kind of treat that were not allowed to ask too much of because it’s too expensive. Where I can be happy in the knowledge that what I’m being told by my local newspaper hasn’t been coloured and cut and pasted for the next old chap in parliament to get a few more votes in the next election, or to make sure the £2000 backhand deal they did with a few businessmen goes ahead to support their views and keep a few things quiet.

For a country that is supposed to be setting a shining example across the world of how a good democratically fair state works, and how citizens should feel empowered to collectively and consensually decide how things happen in their own country. Where doing a bit of a shit job. were voting in elected dictatorships that got into their position giving money to any old dick and harry in a well to do position and brown nosing anyone that can be described as ‘the man’ to do what they want whilst at the same time emphatically giving head to what we call government and people that can get the ball rolling for a few grand in their pockets.
I’m genuinely scared as to what kind of big brother, cheap, plasticy and shiny world is in store for us in the future….?
All that I know is that it has driven me to not desire to have any part in it when I leave university. To be frank I would gratefully burn all of my possessions and do the same as many of the best thinkers of our time did. Head for the hills, for the woods, start a revolution, become a nomad and learn from the world secrets that have been forgotten through deception, fakery politics and money. There are more important things to teach and to gain that we have now associated with overtly P.C attitudes and a big umbrella of taboo over anything that could be constructed as free and sticking it to the man.

Do what you want and be who you want to be.  The world is a stage and you have a part to play in it. Don’t let anyone tell you what it is! We are some of the last bastions of free thinkers and writers of our own history.


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